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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my logos?
The custom logo functionality of the website is only available to registered users. Email us to set up you account. New accounts are usually available in 24 hours.
Those arent my logos!
Email us so we can fix it.
What will it cost me?
The final price of your items will depend on the quantity you order, the location and number of embellishments, screen print colors, and setup fees.
Do I have to pay the embroidery set up fee every time?
The $65 setup fee for embroidery is a one-time fee. Once we have your design digitized for our embroidery machines you can order any quantity of any item. Your design will always be on file with us. There is no setup fee for screen printing.
What is the minimum order?
Embroidery: No minimum after a one time setup charge. Quantity price breaks begin at 6 count and items can be mixed (e.g. 3 shirts and 3 hats). Up to 12 thread colors at no extra charge.
Screen printing: 12 item minimum. No charge for setup.
$40 for a hat? Isnt that kind of steep?
A $40 hat is just hypothetical but if the price of the item you are trying to order seems high, you might see a dramatic drop in price by bumping up to the next quantity price break. Volume discounts are available at 12, 25, 50, 100, 250 and more items.
Do I get to see a sample before the full run?
We make every effort to eliminate errors with our hassle-free proofing process. We quickly email you a proof showing each item with artwork, so you can check the placement of the design and see how it looks on the garment color you chose. Our embroidery and screen prints are as identical as physically possible to the artwork you supply.
How much is shipping?
Free for orders over $100. $3.98 for orders under $100.
What forms of payment can I use?
Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Company Checks, Cash, and Net Terms with approved credit.
Where can I put my logo?
It depends on the item. If you would like a location that is not on the drop-down list contact us to see if it is possible to set up on the machines.
Can I change the colors in my logo?
For embroidery it is free and simple to change the colors of your logo - even on the same order! You can choose any color for your screen printing but it has to be the same for all the items.
How do I order the same item with different colors and sizes?
You can order the same item in one color and different sizes on the same page. Different colors must be submitted on separate pages. If you dont think your cart shows your quantity discount, please contact us to clarify it for you.
Can I order a garment without embellishment?
When will I have my order?
Place an order now to receive it in 7-10 business days.
What is your policy on returns and exchanges?
We stand behind our products and guarantee against all defects in workmanship and materials. We will exchange any defective merchandise but due to the custom nature of our products we cannot accept returns or exchanges on flawless items. Unembellished items can be returned or exchanged.
How do I reorder?
At this time you have to re-enter the items youd like to reorder.
Can I get a catalog?
Call or email us and youll have it this week.
I forgot my password. Can I get a new password?
Email customer service and well help you.
Can you tell me more about Calleo Logowear?
Sure, check out our About Us page.
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